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Fashion show at school today #whitemakeup #brownskin #updo #braids #eyeshadow #blue #white #black #naturalhair

Fashion show at school today #whitemakeup #brownskin #updo #braids #eyeshadow #blue #white #black #naturalhair

We all worked so hard #teambishwah #fashionshow #burlesque #beautifulgirls

We all worked so hard #teambishwah #fashionshow #burlesque #beautifulgirls












Guy’s Review of Right Guard Deodorant Ends Unexpectedly

“Jake don’t post this video” lmbo
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Lmaoooooo omg he so shame and HE SHOULD BE


This is priceless.

doing a deodorant review

I am so glad I watched this entire thing


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Watch the whole thing.



I love this pic those eyelashes tho. Lol

I love this pic those eyelashes tho. Lol

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I’m always up for change

I’m always up for change

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Blonde hair don’t care,

Blonde hair don’t care,

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Vh1 reality junkie

1st off, lhhatl (love and hip hop atlanta) is a hot mess I love it, I do not, I repeat do not care if it’s real or not. Some people like all my children, guiding light or whatever, well love & hip hop is my soap opera. VH1 has got me so addicted I have a team of people I discuss the new episodes with yes, I recruited others like myself, lol.

2nd omg hit the floor I’m Syked about the season finale, there is 1 huge question, #whokilledolivia? James Larosa you genius writer, you keep us on our toes every week. I’m sure this episode will not disappoint and have fans itching like addicts for the next season.

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Long time no see

It’s been a while since I’ve been on tumblr, I decided to put social media aside and be a better person (low key instagram feening). So much more to talk about when you don’t post something everyday!

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This Teenage Artist Was Bullied Off Of Tumblr After Making A Webcomic About White Privilege →








And sometimes white people get mad at other white people. 

The comic in question no longer lives on her Tumblr page, but you can find a reprint of it (with full credit and her permission) here:

My heart goes out to this young woman, and I hope that she eventually feels comfortable enough to come back to Tumblr, as she’s a smart and gifted artist. 

Her tumblr, if you want to follow it, is

It’s a shame that this happened.  Her comic was perfect and nobody deserves death threats.

I love her comic and its a shame she got bullied off for telling the truth.

that comic was great. jesus white people y’all need some serious humility and love in your life.


White people need to chill.

Doesn’t this just prove her point? 

Source: whitepeoplemadatthings


I’ve used the “bend and snap” in real life situations. It works. No lie. Lol.